This is a joint Polish and Czech project aimed to increase borderland tourism potential and create a common promotional offer to increase tourist mobility. The project is based on the principle that the driving forces of tourism are mainly experiences and sensations, which the “Festival of Sensations” will definitely provide. During three summer vacations, various tourist locations in the Czech Republic and in Poland will be hosting events offering unforgettable experiences and sensations. The visiting tourists will not just be passively visiting museums or historical monuments like usual, but will also take active part in the events by experimenting, creating, playing, etc. The sensational events will be focused around personalities, military history, and traditions. In each of the years, the events will cover one of the themes presented below.

This year, there are eight interesting destinations. A special programme is prepared for each of the involved tourist attractions and it will be repeated regularly throughout the summer vacation on a specific day of the week. The common theme connecting the individual locations is their significance in military history, which developed our borderland. Literally.

The 700-year-old Kapitanowo Castle near Radków will host archery and air gun exercises. You will also have the opportunity to learn about other types of weapons used in the past. And what can we expect at the medieval city of Świdnica? The remains of the unique defensive walls and certain tasks to be performed. At the Kłodzko Stronghold, we will first learn about the role of its commander in the 17th and 18th centuries and then – as freshly recruited soldiers – we will get a taste of the delights and pains of life in the army. The Sarny Castle will offer another opportunity to improve your shooting skills, but this time with a paintball gun. There will also be a mystery game held in the castle’s undergrounds. There is an experienced architect is waiting for us at the Żelazno castle, who will teach us how to establish the age of the foundations of historical buildings. And the Czech monuments will teach us about numerous important events in history. We will take a closer look at e.g. the Hussite movement. The famous Hussite leader Jan Žižka will be waiting for us at the Adršpach castle, where we will have the opportunity to try on some historical apparel and take part in a battle re-enactment. Would you like to see the location of one of the most bloody and ferocious battles of the Austro-Prussian War? It took place near Česká Skalica, which is the current location of the Dubno natural reserve. Here, we will learn how to make a working bullet and the basics of rifles. We will recall the sad end of the first republic at the unfinished Dobrošov Stronhold, which was one of the many fortresses intended to protect the country from Nazis. We will learn how to take apart and reassemble weapons, run an obstacle course, and see numerous other attractions.

And that’s not all you can look forward to during the summer in the Land of Kłodzko. Visit the project’s website at and find the experience just right for you. Have a nice summer

In 2019, the promotional campaign at the Kłodzko Stronghold will be held under the slogan: “Become a recruit of the 18th-century Kłodzko Stronghold”

On vacation Tuesdays, the grounds in front of the Kłodzko Stronghold will be turned into a zone of fun and games for the whole family. You will have the opportunity to go on a non-traditional interactive adventure all the way back to the times of Napoleon with animators in uniforms. The unique atmosphere of the Kłodzko Stronghold will make you forget about your everyday life and captivate you with the charm and magic of the times gone by. We guarantee that you will not want to leave and that you will come back as soon as you can. What does a 19th-century cannon look like? What are countermining corridors? What were the roles of the stronghold’s commander? What was the 47th Prussian Infantry Division? You will learn the answers to these and other questions at the Kłodzko Stronghold during the original project for children and youth entitled “Become a recruit of the 18th-century Kłodzko Stronghold”. Become a part of the fortress crew and experience the hard and tedious duty of a soldier at the Stronghold!


  • artillery trailing - training on a replica 18th-century cannon, following the original commands, salute fire;
  • musketeer training - drills with 18th-century muskets, shooting gallery;
  • miner training - a short lecture on the countermining corridors, exercises in underground countermining passageways – e.g. looking for hidden powder sacks in the underground labyrinth ;
  • quartermaster training - a short lecture about the roles of the stronghold’s commanders, logical games and exercises in the stronghold’s moats or casemates, presentation of the functions of various elements of the Kłodzko Stronghold (e.g. Great Tenaille, Donjon...)


summer Tuesdays in July and August of 2019
time: noon – 2:00 PM
max. 30 people/group – we recommend that you make your reservations at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

the historic path around the Kłodzko Stronghold /at the kojec (a building of the stronghold)/ entrance from the parking lot at ul. Nowy Świat, 57-300 Kłodzko

for more information, please visit: