The Kłodzko town square is surrounded by historic tenements, which were once occupied by local craftsmen, merchants, and nobility. Some even have their own legends. One of them is the story of the infamous Kłodzko killer who helped Napoleon’s army in its siege of the city by poisoning the water in the Bakers Well at the Stronghold. Charlotta Ursinus was the owner of house no. 36, which is currently home to a herb shop. For the past 400 years, building no. 13 has been home to a pharmacy, the first owner of which was Erasmus Lyranus. He called his pharmacy “Under the Negro” to distinguish it from the rival “Under the Golden Deer” pharmacy. The building of the “Under the Golden Deer” pharmacy is tenement no. 5, where the characteristic symbol of the deer was installed on the façade in 1772. Many of the tenements had spectacular facades and consequentially interesting emblems. There are reliefs of animals on the tenement at pl. Chrobrego no. 9 – a walking bear – and the one at ul. Matejki, which is decorated with a crayfish. The building at ul. Grottgera is decorated by a wolf sculpture created by Kłodzko artist Franz Wagner, while tenement no. 14 at ul. Braci Gierymskich has a characteristic lion. Numerous Kłodzko tenements have interesting historical portals, statues, and medals with royal insignia.

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