This is a joint Polish and Czech project aimed to increase borderland tourism potential and create a common promotional offer to increase tourist mobility. The project is based on the principle that the driving forces of tourism are mainly experiences and sensations, which the “Festival of Sensations” will definitely provide. During three summer vacations, various tourist locations in the Czech Republic and in Poland will be hosting events offering unforgettable experiences and sensations. The visiting tourists will not just be passively visiting museums or historical monuments like usual, but will also take active part in the events by experimenting, creating, playing, etc. The sensational events will be focused around personalities, military history, and traditions. In each of the years, the events will cover one of the themes presented below.

This year, there are eight interesting destinations. A special programme is prepared for each of the involved tourist attractions and it will be repeated regularly throughout the summer vacation on a specific day of the week. The common theme connecting the individual locations is their significance in military history, which developed our borderland. Literally.

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